Nightborne Priest

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Nightborne Priest

This is a custom skin texture for the Priest unit to resemble a member of the Nightborne faction from World of Warcraft.

-The torso, shoulders and cloak are new from scratch.
-The face, hair and neck have been heavily modified.
-The staff has received some slight modifications as well as a recolor.
-The arms and legs have been recolored.

To use the model, download the .blp file and import it into your WC3 map or campaign, changing its texture path to either Textures\Priest.blp or Textures\BloodPriest.blp, replacing (respectively) either the
Reign of Chaos Priest texture or the Frozen Throne Priest texture.

You are free to use, edit and/or take parts from this texture so long as you credit both me and Blizzard Entertainment.

Nightborne Priest (Texture)

Not very much original work. This texture is mainly a CnP and recolored version.
Level 7
Jun 28, 2017
Nice idea for the comparison of the original Blizzard skin. I think i'll try doing comparison pics and screenshots of all of the original Blizzard Skins and Custom Made Skins (unless i give credit to everyone for using it). :infl_thumbs_up:
Level 3
Nov 1, 2012
Lovely! 5/5 this is a useful and High quality skin, damn elitist rules :/ this should be aproved so more people could have access to this