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NewGen error

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Ok last night it was working fine except every few times I opened a map it would bug out and say something about direct X and the test would close.

But today I every time I try to open NewGen it starts up and says NewGen has encountered an error and needs to close, Send error report, dont send error report.

What am I supposed to do, NewGen is the only editor that supports the scripts in my map. Has anyone else had this error?
Level 5
Aug 27, 2007
I'm having the same issue. I hear it has something to do with the new patch. I've heard that there's a patch somewhere that might fix it, but I'm not sure about it. I couldn't find anything.

Hopefully, a new version of NewGen will clear this up.

Edit: I just heard (more rumors, can't confirm) that Blizzard will be releasing another patch soon that might fix this. I have no way to confirm that, but, if it's true, then... Yay?
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Level 41
Jan 7, 2005
The new patch uses a new version of C++ library, and it seems Blizzard changed the engine without mentioning it in the changelog.
vJASS works fine, but Grimoire no longer does.

I made a post in the news thread about this:
For those willing to work with JNGP, you can download 1.21 version of World Editor here.
The download sends you a worldedit.exe file.
Go to your Warcraft III folder, you already have a worldedit.exe, iconless. Back it up somewhere where you'll remember, and drag the downloaded file inside the Wc3 folder. I repeat, DO NOT OVERWRITE, back the current worldedit.exe somewhere where you'll remember.
I don't know if Grimoire works with 1.21, but it's worth the shot.

By the way, tool-related problems go on the Warcraft Editing Tools forum.
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