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New Gen World Editor - Using more tiles

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Level 8
Oct 1, 2010
OK here's my problem. I can make tiles unwalkable, but every time I try to add a tile to my tileset, it doesn't show up on the terrain palette. I've tried it multiple times, saving and restarting new gen each time.

Please help :)

Edit: Ah sorry so stupid of me! I didn't even read the Newgen readme before posting this question. I guess I've gotten a bit too reliant on the helpful members of hive. Anyways, this was the answer.

"By clicking on the tile icons you can add/remove it to/from your map. The max is 16 tiles for each map. When you're satisfied with your changes click the ok button to apply them, then close and reopen your map without resaving it, and your new tiles should show up in the terrain palette. The configuration dialog might spit out a warning if you removed or replaced cliff tiles with non-cliff tiles. This can only cause problems if the removed/replaced tile has actually been used for cliffs in your map, otherwise it's safe to ignore the warning."

So yeah... Solved :).
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