Need triggerer for my project

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Aug 11, 2009
First of all, if you are not familiar with my project, check it out and see if it is something that interests you :) link is in my signature.

It doesn't matter how you trigger, gui, vjass, jass, as long as you are skilled in what you use it is fine for me :)

If you decide to help me, here is a list of some things you will do:

- Hero spells, example found here: (At the moment there are 20 Heroes, who needs 4 spells each. Not all have to be triggered spells and note that most of them won't be as advanced as the example I linked)
- Multiboard showing Kills, Deaths, Assists for each player. Also Total Team Kills and Deaths.
- Item recipes and item abilities.
- Vehicle system. A vehicle can only move and attack while a Hero is loaded in it. Only Heroes can enter a vehicle. Only Heroes with the appropriate Rank can enter different vehicles.
- Creep systems. Jungle creep respawns. Wave spawns in each lane. And if you know how to do it, absolutely not a must, but would be nice with a DotA creep AI.
- Capture the Flag. Spawns 5 min into the game. Respawns 5 min after capture. Carrier recieves 50% reduced movement speed and drops the Flag if using certain abilities. If having certain buffs when picking up the Flag, those are removed.

These are some of the Triggers you will do. If you just wan't to help with a few of them, let me know :)

Credits will be given depending on how much you help. Though would be nice with a Main Trigger who can perhaps help in future versions aswell.

Thanks for taking your time reading this and I hope someone might get interested :)
Not open for further replies.