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My minimap doesent shown up

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
i made a pic size 256x256 pixels in photoshop and imported into import manager renamed it War3MapPreview.tga and when i go in game i dont see any picture :S whats wrong
Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Custom Minimap Preview

Custom minimap previews for custom scenarios is a big fashion. Some people might actually leave the game you've hosted because they think that the map sucks when it doesn't have a minimap preview. So here's a guide on how to make your own.

Open your favorite image editor and make yourself a good picture. You have to keep in mind that the image should have the dimensions of either 256x256 or 128x128.
Save it as .jpg or .tga if you can. If not, go get the tool Warcraft 3 Image Extractor II, open up your image and save it as .blp or .tga.

Open up World Editor and then open the Import Manager and import the image.

Double-Click on the image and tick "Use Custom Path" and set the path to:
war3mapPreview.tga or war3mapPreview.blp to have the image being the minimap preview.
You can also save it as war3mapMap.tga or war3mapMap.blp to make it being the in-game minimap.
Be sure to set the correct custom path in WE's Import Manager.

War3MapPreview.tga (by default).
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