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my map

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Level 4
Feb 23, 2008
Hi. Im making this map of star wars and its suppose to be like gienonsis or w/e. so i need some help on somethings.

1. How do i make units spawn out of buildings like in waves like in orc gladiators im trying to make units spawn and in each wave there is a different set of monsters like first wave droids second wave battle droids and so on.

2. how do i make a time board or w/e like in helms deep like when gandalf arrives or w/e they say it.

3. how do i make a movie scene because i cant figure it out from the tutorials.

4. i have like all the models from here but does any1 no where i can get more star wars models if there is any?
Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
1. You use a series of trigger:
make a region
  • Unit - Create [number] [unit type] at [region]
  • Unit - Order [number] [unit type] at [region] [to attack-move] to [region]

2. I can't remember at the moment but it involves more triggers

3. Triggers (there are a group of cinematic triggers, but I cant tell you exactly what to do without knowing wha tyou want, you will also need to make cameras

4. Find out whomade star wars footies and ask him/her, he/she had some really great ones.
Level 5
Jul 11, 2007
2. Create a variable for a Timer Dialog and then make the Timer itself.
Set the dialog to work for the timer and basically it's

Timer - Create a One-Shot timer entitled [Gandalf Arrives] that ends in X seconds.
Set Timer Dialog to (Show) last created Timer

Then you can make additional triggers to function when the timer ends.
(I don't have WE with me for this one so it won't be exact)
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