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My First Terrain

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Level 2
May 20, 2007
My Seccond Terrain

This is my second terrain so maybe it will be better that the first one.
It's called the graveyard...
It's a cinematic that shows the map.
Hope you like it.:witch_doc_sad:
Didn't want to make a new thread with bad terrains....


  • Graveyard Terrain.w3x
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Level 9
Apr 4, 2004
Cliffs aren't meant for terraining. It just looks horribly plain and boring. Rocks randomly put on the cliffs and trees lined up isn't very creative.
Level 13
Aug 31, 2005
Use the raise tool instead of blizzard cliffs. Then, after you have raised the terrain use the Plateau tool to make your own cliff. After you do that you can make the cliff have any tile you want instead of just dirt or grass. You might want to find and download the miscdata.txt file if you havnt already. It allows you to have unlimited hill height.
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