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My best model so far

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Oct 23, 2007
just another model

This is the start of me trying to make nightmare:)


The one that inspired me to work my hardest and harder General Frank:).


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Listen, even if you are given credits, just stop using other peoples works. It makes you look like a noob who cannot model (which is true, or whoops, did I say that?) It also sorta make its look like you are a stealer, and you already did that once.

It doesn't even match the blood elf, and the animations for the blood elf is more suitable for a hammer or dagger, not Nightmare's blade from Soul Calibur II. I would base it off the Felguard.
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Why are you showing stuff you made just by cut and pasting others' work onto a default model? One more of these threads and I'm just going to delete it, this isn't your work.
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