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Models of pandas (earth, storm, and fire) with dead animations

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Level 5
Jun 23, 2010
Hi to eveyone, i need that, the models of the panda spirits (earth, storm, and fire) with dead animations, because they dont have, and when they dies as a unit (not special) they stand in the game for a while) if somebody can do it that help me a lot, the death animation not necessary can be elaborated, in fact i can accept a simple death animation (for example only dissapears when they dies)
I need a model, or a trigger that removes the unit when he die
(yes, i speak like a troll english)
Use the Path I told when Import




This is really wasting, But I don't know any other method, because it is just the Blizzard forgot to rename those animation properly, haiz...
This Wasted some Filesize in your map (Unless you Have alot extra to spend)
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