[Model]Wooden Unit

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Nov 5, 2007
I posted a wooden puppet request a while ago,but i couldnt use my pc for over a week,and im not sure if bumping the thread after 10 days is necroposting...Anyways its lost in the request section somewhere...

I need anything,anything that can be used as a puppet,something in a wooden textures,that looks lifeless,and,preferably,attacks with bare hands.

Of course,i searched the model section,and a ton of wc3 modding sites,but theres no such thing as a puppet model,even though its probably one of the easiest models to make(not much polys,no facial animations,etc.)

In the past 20 days since i first posted the request,i downloaded a hell lot of modeling tools and tried to master modeling myself,but im a bit worse at it than i am at jass(i suck at jass btw).

Modelers probably have a bunch of more interesting things to do than to make puppet models,but if you do have the time,i would greatly appreciate the help and would credit the creator of the model.

BTW the models im requesting are for this project:

Not open for further replies.