Model Requests: WEAPONS! ... please?

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Mar 26, 2008
I will now attempt to use a proper request sheet as posted by Werewulf. (I know, I catch up on things late, sorry)

Just call me Pimp, its easier. I've made a few requests and for the most part, this community has offered a large amount of help! I'm looking forward to seeing if I can get that little more help to further my project. I have the Warcraft3 Model Editor, so I can reskin to a point using ingame skins (sometimes) and make minor edits. I'm using it heavily for my project. I've downloaded virtually every other tool for Modeling and file converting for my project from this site, but they will not run on my comp. (I've thread stating this issue). So just to put it aside, I'd love to be the one modeling and skinning; but alas... my hardware/software wont let me.

The project I'm working on is dubbed "Sovereignty". It is a mash of game play between RPG and RTS with an Evolution type of play. You start out as a character (Warrior, Slayer, Sage), do quests for certian participants and depending on your successess (and choices of which family you do quests for in the elotted time), you will keep "loyal" followers. These loyal families will influence your racial and cultural build as you evolve from just leading a tribe of poeple, to ruling them as an entire kingdom; proving yourself Soverign (Hence the name). As a result, the "Faction" you can end up with can have numerous builds. Its going to be hard to balance, but I do believe its possible. Screenies? Comming soon, seriously. I've got a few but they are not ready. I don't think these are good enough at the moment. I will however show a simple screen of units I've modified with their attatchments, just to get a feel.

The request asks for several weapon models which don't exist in the current Attatchment packs. The weapons I'm asking for are those not included in these packs or anywhere else that will be used as Weapon Attatchments for the soldiers you will command. These weapons are equipped as you research new upgrades. Each weapon/shield has buffs and debuffs for the unit they are equipped to.
Models needed:

Ranged Weapons-
High Elf Bow
Ranger's Bow
Night Elf Bow
Skeleton Archer Bow
Gnoll Crossbow

Melee Weapons-
Gnoll Flail
Fel Guard Axe - The one I have looks like an elongated sickle, the axe blade is missing.
Knight's Lance
Dragon Rider's Lance
Lord Garithos Axe

Revenants Shield
Orc Warlock Shield (RoC Loc that has a shield and goat's head mace)
Lord Garithos Shield
Orc Warlord Shield
Bandit Shield - The Buckler from the RoC Attatchment pack, heh, it looks crappy, I'm sorry XD Paper thin...

Quivers- (Archer will beable to increase the ammo supply by using larger quivers. For quivers, I would like to ask to have more arrows in them. Thats just a want, not really needed)
High Elf Quiver
Night Elf Quiver
Skeleton Quiver

Images/Art Notes
The shown units are Heirophants, pikeman class units that gain a bonus facing calvary, the farthest melee range in game and the only melee class with a minimum range. Virtually every unit model in the project is modified for a specific style. Note that I am sort've new at this. These models are more bulky and robust. I am trying to stray away from the lanky cartoony feeling.
If you do wish to modify these models, then I would ask them to be on the realistic side. The footman sword for example, looking like a massive silver distorted triangle is a no no. On Quivers, I'd like more than 3 arrows in the pouch. Lastly, for bow, remove the Bow Strings. Since the attatchments won't animate, the bow strings won't be needed and will make the attatchments look "stale". Finally, I'm asking to have permission to edit these models. The image of the Heirophant shows that I will take the Attatchments and modify them using WC3ME, making multiple variations. Just from the footman shield, I've made "Rondache, Kite, Oval and Tower" shields with them. These models that I ask for will most likely be recycled the best that I can, and each variation will give credit to the ones who submitted the model base.

Hope this works out, it'd be much appreciated. Long Live the Hive!!!



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Mar 26, 2008
Forgot to ask for the rifleman's gun aswell. Heh, oops.

I hope no one looks over this because of it not being in HappyTs list. I posted it seporately due to the fact that *counts*... 19 Attatchment items were requested. It'd be rude of me to smash this on that list and dely/take up room for other people.