[Model Request] "RoC Compatable" Frost Wyrm Based Tower

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Apr 29, 2011
I am basically looking for someone to just throw something together, something along these lines:
-When "Converted" via WinMPQ from .w3x to .w3m to be visable
-Not much work needed to be done with attack animations as I am using this as a "Starfall Tower" with custom spell art work. :3 Just a simple "Hai guys, I'm casting this" type deal.
-Anything your creative hearts desire xD I just want to see a Frost Wyrm looking great rather then swimming in the dirt.

I would love to see a custom version of the Frost Wyrm, maybe like with legs and claws :3 Maybe a statue type thing where the Wyrm is standing on its hind legs, "Roaring" into the sky.

I'm not asking for too much, just something that isn't "Amigosh dragon swimming in dirt".

For those with alot of time in their hands, maybe an Earth Fury Tower (I believe that is what it is called) with the wyrm coiling around it, with its head visable above the tower kind of like a cobra "standing". And maybe during the starfall channeling it could breath fire or something.

This is what I am hoping to be the ultimate tower in a "Death" building tier for a TD I am creating.

Yin :]
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