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[model request] jet ski

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Level 13
Sep 24, 2007
hello everyone out there. I was wondering if any1 would be able to make a jet ski model for me and everyone who wants one. here is a picture of what i would like it to look like

but maybe black it would also be cool if u made the guy have a gun that he shoots
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Level 9
Jul 20, 2005
First of all, because you triple posted within 10 hours or so.

Also, it's best that you state why you need this model, and you should show a picture of your project.
If it's for no reason, it most likely won't get done because people don't like to create things for people that won't get used.

So update your post and be patient.
When someone comes by that wants to fulfill your request, they will.
Level 19
Nov 16, 2006
Please, stop bumping your post like hell.
If people feel encouraged to create a model like this, they will respond.
You just broke the rules by first ~ triple posting.

To have a greater chance to get a creator who could make it :
Explain why you need it.

If it is interesting enough people might help you further.
Level 14
Aug 25, 2005
You're both right it can be called a jet ski or a seadoo. But please stop bumping more then once every 34 hours or something like that use the edit button if you feel like you should add a comment. And you need to show proof of you're project like screen shots/demo or something as proof, if you really want this done. Also take time and look through these stickys and see what you can do to make you're request look more professional. I Highly suggest using werewulf's Request Sheet it should be the first link in the list below.

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