[Model Request] - Gronn

Level 6
Aug 24, 2014
Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a map. I don't believe the "genre" has a name; however, it is along the same lines as Azeroth Wars and Dark Ages of Warcraft. That is, the map is the entirety of the Warcraft World, and there's a large-scale, RTS battle for dominance.

One of the reasons I've decided to make the map is because Dark Ages of Warcraft and Azeroth Wars are "Frozen" in time. They aren't quite up-to-date in terms of playable factions.

Which leads me to my problem. The Terrain for this map is pretty much done, the triggers are nearing completion, the Tech Trees are in progress but shouldn't take much longer. However, modeling and skinning seems to be the Bottleneck.

One of the factions (The Iron Horde) makes use of Gronn. Now, I've tried to be quite resourceful in terms of what I can use existing models for; however, the Gronn has no suitable substitute. I've tried searching for preexisting Gronn Models, but there is only one, and it's fairly low quality and looks completely different from the "Warcraft III" Style. I've also contemplated ripping one from WoW, but again, in terms of how it "looks" alongside the other models... Well, you can see the problem.

I've been attempting to learn how to make both custom models and skins for this map, but creating a Gronn model is way beyond my personal capability. So it is under these circumstances that I come here asking for someone to consider making one for me. You'll receive credit, rep and all that jazz.

I'll attach an image of a Gronn for reference, and also throw in some (Still semi-WIP screenshots) from my map just to show that I am fairly serious about the completion of this project.


Also, the following video (From 1:41-1:49) shows multiple Gronn, if anyone is in need of an "animated" reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYueIdI_2L0

Link to Screenshot Gallery: http://postimg.org/gallery/1pxj4ygak/f309d83d/

Thanks for taking the time to read this.