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MODEL - Human Druid

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Level 2
Aug 5, 2004
I need a model that looks like a druid. He needs to be human, and needs to be weaponless, as I will be using attachment points on both hands. He should look something like a mix of the Barbarian and the Druid from Diablo II, except he should be wearing a hard leather jerkin. He needs to have WHITE skin (Not pale) and no painting on the face. I need to have a portrait of the unit, but not an Icon - I have an icon. He needs to be without any hero glows and he needs to have at least the animations to stand, stand 2, walk, spell, attack, and attack 2. He needs to be the 110% the size of a footman whenever his scaling value is at 1. This is to be used in a RPG I am making, as one of the 10 classes. Credit will be given.
Not open for further replies.