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Model Edit Request: Bob omb

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Level 2
Dec 25, 2008
Im using this bobomb model in a mario kart map im making but I just need someone to remove the death animation on it. Its being used as an attack projectile and when it hits the target it plays the death animation and stays on the unit for another 2-3 seconds. here is the model

Bob-Omb (Standard) - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

I have tried a bunch of different things to try to fix it like speeding up the animation speed of the bobomb, making the death animation 0 seconds, making the unit cant raise does not decay, but none of it works because its being used as a projectile and not a unit.

here is how the bob omb item works. you click on the item and click a point on the map near u. 2 units are created, one on the car and one on the point you casted it on. the unit on the car attacks the unit at the casting point with a bomb as the projectile. the bomb lands on the unit and another unit is created and killed for the explosion effect. you wont see the units because they are invisible

here are some screenshots.

This pic is the bomb flying through the air

here is just as its exploding

and here it is laying dead on the ground 2 seconds after it exploded

all i need is the death animation removed or any other suggestions because i dont want the bomb sitting there on the ground 3 seconds after it blows up.
Level 10
Aug 4, 2008
you can delete animations just using war 3 model editor, just open the model and open the sequence manager. I did it for you anyhow, but of course no credits to me... only to the maker. It's frowned upon to edit others resources without permission but in this case it's justifiable, what kind of bomb blows up and then takes a nap
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