Mini Wars 0.4b By Crusher_Cro

Level 10
May 7, 2008
Hello all members of Hive.I'm glad that I can represent my map here to you.So info of this map:

* Map name - Mini Wars 0.5.1
* Name of the creator - Crusher
* Current stage of the map (alpha, beta, finished?) - Beta
* Summary of the map gameplay/objectives - The main objective is to defeat your opponent by using your hero and purchasing various items in custom shop,with custom items.

* Map features - Few good things are in map,like talk system with dot (.) ,-matchup,-clear,-itemlist and much more!

* Miscellaneous Info (credits?) - Thanks to: Pwn,Galaxio,DeepSII,-DG-s0r0w,FearMySty1e for their help in map.

Map Type:

Hero Defense /Mini

Maximum Player Allowed: 6 (3x3)


Various Bug and Item Price Fixes
Hero Balance Drastically Fixed
New Icons (Thanks to CrazzyRussian)
Fixed Creep Spam

So hope you like my map,I attached the latest version here!




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Aug 18, 2006
it is, protected?

anyway, just tested it, and here is what i got to say

nice concept, small map and a good limit when it comes to players. Its also very simple, nothing to complicated, but there are things that should be fixed

I tried 1 hero, The Holy Warrior i think. The model was Arthas with his hammer i think

Anyhow, 2 of his descriptions were flawed. Justice Aura only displayed what it did(increase attack speed for allies), but not by what amount, or at what levels. Holy Protection said that it "allows the Holy Warrior to cast Holy Light on a target ally, increasing armor by 3 and attack speed by 30% for 12 seconds", which, it did not. It gave the +3 armor and +30% attack speed, but it did not cast holy light. And in my oppinion, it costed way too much mana.

The Magic Potion seemed like a quite flawed item. It gave +3 damage until you drank it(which gave mana), but then it was destroyed. Maybe you could make it cost a little bit more, but make it not destroy itself when you drink it? maybe it can even refresh itself on its own? Its a magical potion after all :p

I did not look at all the items, but the Sword and the Claws of Attack costed way to much. I mean, +5 damage for 560 gold? when i can get +18 strength for less(6 gauntlets of strength, costing 80 a piece giving +3 strength)? and claws of attack was clearly a better buy than a sword, becouse it gave 3x as much damage while costing less than twice as much

The Fury warriors was something of a surprise element, which i liked, but you might want to inform people that they actually exist. Add quests in the quest folder to inform people of special things about your map. Later you could add credits to those who have helped you with the map, or if there are any icons or models that you use that are good :p

anyhow, overall good, since its an early verison, but it definately needs some work ;)
Level 10
May 7, 2008
0.6 things added

-Fw (Fury warriors) - spams every 90 seconds more powerful units
-Sm (Short Mode) - Player 1 red and player 2 blue have 75% handicap and heroes get 150% xp
-TM (Tower mode) - After 240 seconds elapsed,all towers gain 20 bonus to damage..

Brand new terrain
New Hero
New Abilitys
Fixed Descriptions..

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