Metastasis Saturday "Play Night"

Level 8
Jan 12, 2010
I'm interested to see if anyone on the Hive would like to come on US East and play a few games of Metastasis with me and handful of other players.

I belong to a little clan called the Good Sirs, we run a host bot on US East that does nothing but host games of Metastasis, the problem is Metastasis isn't nearly as popular as it used to be and it takes a very long time to even get the minimum 8 players needed to start the game, wait times of 30 to 45 minutes being the norm on any given day.

So I wanted organize an unofficial "play night" of sorts, just to get enough people on to be able to play more than single game of Metastasis an hour.

I was thinking perhaps this Saturday since most people will be off and/or done with work, not to mention it should be peek hours for, increasing the chances to get random players into the game.

If you’re interested just jump on US East some time Saturday afternoon to night and use the “/whereis” command to find our host bot for Metastasis. SirBot rarely appears on the Custom Game list so using /whereis the best way to find it and the current Metastasis lobby.

The naming format for SirBot is “-=Metastasis Official=- #XX” where XX is the current game number being hosted. As far as I know SirBot also begins hosting another game of Metastasis as soon as the previous one is launched.

For those of you who have never heard of Metastasis it’s something of a soul successor to Parasite 2. The basic idea is that one or two players start the game as either an Alien or a Mutants and the rest are humans (and if there is 8+ players there will be an Android as well). The humans must figure out who the Alien and Mutant are and kill them before they grow too powerful and kill or assimilate (turn into minions) all of the remaining humans.

The game focuses heavily on deceit and trickery and the game changes depending on the number of players, 1-4 players there is only one Alien, 5-7 players there is one Alien and one Mutant, and with 8+ players there is one Alien, one Mutant and one Android.

There is also host of "random events" that can greatly change the course the game ranging from increased solar activity to asteroid fields and fleets of hostile drone fighters, these events can either hinder or help the players, depending on how use they them.

I hope I’m not sounding like I’m begging people to join, I wasn’t put up to this by my clan or any of my friends I’m doing all this on my own just for the sake of a few good games of Metastasis.

And who knows? Maybe will find a few more regulars to join us for Metastasis more often. :grin: