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max attack speed locked?

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Level 10
Apr 3, 2006
Im making an ability which increases attack speed alot for short amounts of time, but after a certain amounbt the attack is the same speed, regardsless of using a higher % in the editor. Is there a minimum capped vlaue for attack speed/cooldown in the game constants or something? ive seen other maps attack quicker than my skill so it is possible somehow

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Attack - animation backwards swing.

That is the basic limate to attack speed.
Setting it to 0 will mean your hero can attack infinatly a second if attack rate lets it.

This can be found in your unit's stats in the object editor and can not be changed via triggers.

A unwanted side-affect of seting it to a very low number is that it might make the normal attack speed animations to look ugly as the damage will be delt before the actual animation gets to the part that damage is meant to be delt. This is especially noticable with a elven archer/dark ranger where the projectile will be fired before the arrow is loaded into its bow and the bow is drawn back.
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