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[Solved] Make unit look the sky/floor

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Let's say we have a peasant. This peasant would have his feet on the ground, and so he will look in front of him, so he will see the horizon (if nothing is in front of him, ofc).
But what if i want the peasant to be lying on the floor, looking at the sky or at the floor (if he's lying on his back or on his belly).

So, what i want to do is this. Change the orientation of an unit with the Z axis.

No vJass solution please (yeah, i don't like JNGP). If possible, i would like to not change the model (but well, if there isn't any other solution, i can do it).
Level 14
Nov 17, 2010
You could change the pitch/roll angles in the object editor. You can't change it in game, but if you want a unit that just lays there then put a negative number in the pitch or roll angle of the unit. Be sure to hold shift when putting in a value to allow negative numbers. I think the angle actually means degrees for units so something like -90.00 should work. (For doodads it's radians I believe)

Hopefully this is what you're looking for
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