Machine gun of Azeroth Grand Prix

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Level 2
Jun 29, 2009
Hello again! I've seen the Warcraft 3 map "Azeroth Grandprix" and thought that the vehicle's machine gun ability is somewhat a shockwave. I never knew how to do JASS but if you could help me or send me a GUI of the machine gun's ability, it would be a great help.

As i know, the skill is an instant cast and once cast, any unit infront of the caster will be damaged. nearer units will be hit than the far ones.

..uhm but for my skill, i want to make it an instant cast skill and fires a projectile towards the casters facing angle. Then the projectile explodes at first impact. Also, I want it a fast casting skill without cooldowns. I mean, whenever the unit casts the ability, He fires the projectile per cast.. no dummy unit will be left alive. I can't explain how it should work using only text o typing.. but i'll be glad if someone ever comment on this post and help me..
Not open for further replies.