Lordaeron The Aftermath Grand Tournament

Level 3
Aug 28, 2015
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It is with great excitement that I hereby announce the beginning of the preparations for the First Grand Lordaeron: The Aftermath Tournament, sponsored by Clan UoS. LTA has long proven itself to be universal, having united all communities under its banner. Therefore, I believe it is past time to organize a tournament in which all communities may clash for supremacy in this battleground and herald to the world which players are truly the best ones among us. The period for signing up to paricipate in the tournament are open up until the 8th of December.
All the matches will be either live casted by the streamers playing in the teams or by youtubers Zo_Om and Harald to name a few, so all may enjoy the games and maybe learn from them.
The organization setting will be the classical best of three, meaning that the first team to win two matches will be qualified for the following phase. The teams will be composed of six players and factions will be picked as in draft mode.
Each team picks a Team Leader and when in game the agreed upon Team Leader will go first and pick a faction, then the opposing Team Leader picks two factions (to compensate for the first pick) then again first one picks and so on until all factions have been picked.
A special thanks to @Marshmalo and all of LTA editors, who made what LTA is today and allowed us to have this tournament in the first place!
The team’s name, alongside its members and team leader with his contact info is signed-up through here!
Beyond the good challenge, the recognition and the uplifting experience of participating in a competition, the winners will also receive, as a trophy for his expertise and skill, a prize. The prize is going to be 6 games which you will be able to pick from a list of 30 games (which are worth around 800e). So try hard the hardest you can! ^.^

⦁ Members are not allowed to switch, so all of those who signed up composing a team must be present to play.
⦁ The deadline is that, once set, a match should be played at least within the period of two weeks.
⦁ At the beginning of the game no one should move their units until everyone has unallied/allied properly.
⦁ Needless to say, but map-hacking, cheating, glitches and bug abuse are strictly forbidden.
⦁ In case someone disconnects, a remake is to be hosted.
⦁ Victory condition is not set in stone, but we hope everyone will be a fair sport about losing or winning that is.
⦁ All replays are to be sent to @Hawkr to be reviewed. They will then be sent to be cast by one of the previously mentioned youtubers.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! And don't forget to check out the LTA forums for the latest news about the map:
Lordaeron: The Aftermath

We hope to see you on the battlefield!
- The Warclave Staff Team

The one and only @Azothan has joined the youtuber streaming team! ^_^

Heads up about the prizes! The winning team will receive a list of 30 games (worth about 800e) from which they'll be able to pick 6, one for each of the team members! ^_^ So try hard the hardest you can!

A special version is made just for the tournament with a Pause function!
Big shout out and thanks to @Draupne and @SvnmS

If you can't create a team but still want to participate: Grand LTA Tournament [Solo Sign-Up]
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