Looking for help partner campaign

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Feb 23, 2014
I see you made a similar thread before: Campaign

Did you ever consider why it didn't get any replies? There's a couple of reasons, but most come down to - and I'm sorry to say this - you simply being lazy.

The reality is that making maps takes a lot of work and doing work takes time, which people have a limited supply of. And yet here you are asking people to dedicate their precious free time to work on something when you don't even want to spend a couple minutes describing what it is? Come on, man...

If you want to have any chance of getting help, tell us what your idea is. And no, "I'm mixing Founding of Durotar with Legends of Arkain, but rich in lore" is not enough. That's too vague. If you have some cool idea for a story - describe it. Tell us what mechanics you want to do. And most importantly, which part of the development you're going to handle (outside of suggesting the story - again, that's not enough) and what you'd like someone to help you with.

Also, showing some screenshots or even uploading a demo would do a lot to get someone interested.
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May 18, 2021
thank you and noted working on the description, and yes im making a map but i have trouble with the triggers


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