Looking for a Terrainer

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Jul 17, 2007
Okay, im a map maker (currently making an rpg) and im looking for a terrainer. My profile on posts and rep may be low, thats because i keep forgettin to post. If any terrainer is interested, please tell me or message me on wc3 (east or west) as whitey93.
I need a terrainer to terrain the parts of the lands, the lands are all cursed in a way, some are infested and others destroyed by the Lich Kings Forces. This project will become finished, i have been working on it since about november last year. The rpg has most of the systems going and working (save/load , EXP System, Gold System, Quest System) all i need to add is mainly more areas and the units for the areas (the units dont take long). Each hero has 14 custom abilities in which they get as they level. Each hero took me about 1-2days to make.

(is that better Hawkwing?)
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