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Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Well, all of you (semi-triggerer and above must know this) know that we can't pick Locust unit (a unit that has Locust / Aloc ability) through trigger by using this action:
  • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
If the unit has Locust ability, this trigger won't be able to pick the unit and will be left out


Why does the Locust unit can be picked if it is in a Unit Group ?
Like this:
  • Unit Group - Pick every unit in UnitGroup and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
If we do some actions on them (moving them, killing them, bla bla on them), it will surely work

My question is, WHY ?

Even if the unit is in a Unit Group, why can it be picked since it is naturally can't be picked by using the same action of Unit Group

Is there an exception or something ?
Level 10
Jul 12, 2009
Because Blizzard made it that way. :wink:

Think of it like this: Locust units can't be affected by anything in game, so they are ignored if you try to find them by area or range...but if you already referred to one specifically, and put it in a group, it's not going to keep you from doing that.
because Wc3 can only selects with the condition (Units in (Playable map area)).
Also as a good example you can use this triggers tooltip as one
  • Unit - Hide unit
with it as read 'Use the 'unhide Unit' action to show a unit. Hiddenn units do not show up in 'Units in region' queries.' This means that it cannot be selected with this condition as this trigger relates to the lucust ability in this matter.
Also have you this trigger?
  • Destructible - Pick every destructible in (Playable map area) and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
this selects also selects objects but these are destructables and can also be selected ingame unlike units with the locust ability and also if you've noticed that you cannot remove this ability with triggers nor can you disable it!
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