Knights of the Old Republic

Level 5
Aug 15, 2005
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

For you all that aren't familiar with Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) it is a massive role playing game for the Xbox set in the Star Wars Universe. Since I don't believe the game has been replicated into warcraft III suitably I came up with the idea to make into a WC III map.

This will not be a single player campaign map. However, it will be a online multiplayer map. Each player will control one hero from the video game. For example, player 2 will control Carth Onasi during the game, and player 5 will control HK-47. So far it is only me and my friend working on this map and it would take extremley long for just us two to finish it.

So what I am looking for is one - two people to join us in this production. Would prefer for someone that has played KotOR however, that is not nessecary.

So if you are interested contact me on AIM (dannyc1235 is my Screen Name.) or contact me on on the Azeroth server (Dannyc23 is my account name). Also you can contact [email protected]