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Just Released: Sengoku Jidai v0.85

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Level 2
Apr 3, 2006

You can find it at the link above.

I'd like to present to everyone Sengoku Jidai. This map has been a work in progress for over 4 months now. Formally known as Shogun Alpha, this map continues that series. This map has been totally redone, new terrain, new abilities, and tons more fun.

Sengoku Jidai, The Age of The Country at War, is set in 16th century Japan, and is a massive, one-lane AoS type map. The main objective of the map is to beseige your opponents' keep and destroy it. Sounds easy enough? You're in for a suprise! Not only will you face upto five other heros wishing to do the same to your keep, you will be fighting back hundreds of lesser heros. Yes that is correct HUNDREDS.

**Buildings and Units**

*Dragon Keep*
Perched upon the western cliffside, this is the ultimate destination for the Lotus clan. Destroying it will bring the end of the battle for the Dragon clan, and victory to the Lotus.

*Lotus Keep*
Perched upon the eastern cliffside, this is the ultimate destination for the Lotus clan. Destroying it will bring the end of the battle for the Lotus clan, and victory to the Dragon.

Each clan has set up three dojo which train many Yari Ashigaru. If any of these should be destroyed, it would put a major damper on the other sides army size and power.
Trained Unit: Yari Ashigaru
The Yari Ashigaru are foot soldiers trained in the ways of combat with the Yari. Although they may not do much damage, when in mass they can be formidable.

*Firing Range*
Each clan has set up two firing ranges which train two different units, Archers and Arquebusiers. Since two units are created from this building it is of upmost importance to keep it alive and undamaged.
Trained Unit: Archer
The Archer is equipped with a long ranged weapon, the bow. They can fire from afar, but are very weak and will die quickly. The damage they can deal is great, as long as they stay alive.
Trained Unit: Arquebusier
The Arquebusier is equipped with simple arquebuses. They deal more damage than Archers, but need to get in closer range to be accurate and have a slower firing rate.

Each clan has set up two stables beside thier keeps which train Calvary. If a stable is lost, your clan has lost the value of a very strong unit.
Trained Unit: Calvary
The Calvary are equipped with a yari and ride on horseback. They are the "Elite" of the regular army. With the most armor, hit points, and damage, Calvary take longer to train, thus spawn less frequently.

*Archer Tower*
The Archer Tower is the primary defensive structure for both clans. In the saftey of the tower, Archer spray arrows onto attackers at a fair rate.

*Scout Tower*
The Scout Tower is the first defensive structure for both clans. It holds less Archers, but is still effective against many troops.


Name: Yumigatu Sasuki
Hero Title: Chi Wizard
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage and Siege
Strength: 19 + 1.7
Agility: 6 + .5
Intelligence: 28 + 3
--Chi Wave--
A wave of chi ripples out from the Chi Wizard, causing damage to land units and buildings in a line.
--Chi Warp--
A teleportation spell that allows the Chi Wizard to move in and out of combat.
--Chi Arrows--
The Chi Wizard infuses his arrows with chi magic Increases the damage of his attacks.
-[Ultimate: Chi Blast]-
The Chi Wizard unleashes a devastating surge of his chi dealing great damage and stunning a target unit.

Name: Kera Tzu
Hero Title: Maiden Archer
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage and Buffing
Strength: 18 + 1.8
Agility: 21 + 2.25
Intelligence: 15 + 2
The Maiden Archer greatly increases her firing rate, but becomes more susceptable to damage.
--Hail of Arrows--
The Maiden Archer shoots many arrows into an area, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
--Trueshot Aura--
The Maiden Archer gives friendly nearby units bonus damage to their ranged attacks.
-[Ultimate: Critical Shot]-
The Maiden Archer has a 10% chance to do critical damage on an attack.

Name: Hazou Keitzu
Hero Title: Musketeer
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Long-ranged Damage
Strength: 16 + 1.9
Agility: 20 + 2.2
Intelligence: 15 + 2
The Musketeer moves at a very fast rate, but becomes very susceptable to damage.
--Split Shot--
The Musketeer fires a special ball that splits and hits multiple targets at once dealing 75 damage.
--Head Shot--
The Musketeer has a chance that an attack will hit his target in the head dealing 50 extra damage.
-[Ultimate: Take Aim]-
The Musketeer takes his time to aim for a perfect, long-ranged shot that deals massive damage.

Name: The Black Dragon
Hero Title: Ninjitsu Master
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Hero Killing and Scouting
Strength: 19 + 1.75
Agility: 24 + 2.3
Intelligence: 14 + 1.85
--Master of Deception--
While not attacking the Ninjitsu Master remains concealed and invisible. If he attacks he becomes invisible for a short period of time.
--Mirror Image--
Confuses the enemy by creating illusions of the Ninjitsu Master and dispelling all magic from him.
--Ninjitsu Mastery--
The Ninjitsu Master has a chance to avoid attacks and a 15% chance to deal additional damage.
-[Ultimate: Death Trap]-
The Ninjitsu Master sets up an immobile, invisible trap to attack nearby heros.

Name: Musashi Mianzo
Hero Title: Ronin
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage
Strength: 18 + 2
Agility: 18 + 2.5
Intelligence: 18 + 2
--Blood Bond--
The Ronin bonds units together so that when one of them gets attacked the damage is reduced and spread to the others.
--Double Blade--
The Ronin has a chance to hit enemy units with both of his katanas, doubling his damage.
The Ronin has a very good chance to block attacks with his katanas.
-[Ultimate: Tri-Blade]-
The Ronin's attack speed increases so fast that it were if there were three of him.

Name: Toshi Yarimato
Hero Title: Yari Samurai
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Area Damage
Strength: 20 + 2.4
Agility: 20 + 1.6
Intelligence: 15 + 2
--Power Swing--
The Yari Samurai swings his yari with all his might dealing little damage to nearby enemies, but stuns them for a long time.
--Call to Arms--
The Yari Samurai is the leader of the Yari Ashigaru, he beats on a drum to call forth multiples of them.
The Yari Samurai has a chance to swing his yari with such force that he hits all neaby enemies.
-[Ultimate: Second Wind]-
When the Yari Samurai's hit points reach zero he becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds and returns to the battlefield fully rested.

Name: Samano Idoa
Hero Title: Chi Warrior
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Jobs: Jack of All Trades
Strength: 15 + 2
Agility: 13 + 1.4
Intelligence: 25 + 3
--Chi Acid--
The Chi Warrior launches a blast of negative chi that eats through armor.
--Chi Blade--
The Chi Warrior infuses his blade with his inner chi, increasing the damage he does.
--Chi Spray--
The Chi Warrior transforms his chi into healing waves that heal allied units in a target area.
-[Ultimate: Chi Shield]-
The Chi Warrior surrounds himself with an impenetrable shield of chi, protecting him from all damage and spells.

Name: Keiji Tadeka
Hero Title: Imperial Guard
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Anti-magic and Defense
Strength: 23 + 3.25
Agility: 17 + 1.65
Intelligence: 13 + 1
--Mana Flare--
The Imperial Guard launches a bolt at any enemy that casts a spell that deals damage to the caster.
--Magic Defense--
The Imperial Guard becomes completely immune to magic, but moves at a much slower rate.
--Fortification Aura--
The Imperial Guard gives additional armor to nearby friendly buildings.
-[Ultimate: Call to Defend]-
The Imperial Guard beats on a drum to call forth multiple Archers.

Name: Kai Yamoto
Hero Title: Mercenary
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Disabling
Strength: 20 + 2.75
Agility: 17 + 1.55
Intelligence: 17 + 1.4
The Mercenary shoots a target enemy unit that damages it.
--Blinding Powder--
The Mercenary shoots a ball of blinding powder at a target enemy, making them miss some of thier attacks for 10 seconds.
The Mercenary shoots a net at his target disabling thier movement.
-[Ultimate: Stun Trap]-
The Mercenary sets up an immobile trap to stun nearby heros, and makes cloaked heros visible.

Name: Momochi Sandayu
Hero Title: Blademaster
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage
Strength: 15 + 1.6
Agility: 11 + 1
Intelligence: 24 + 3
--Mind Trick--
The Blademaster confuses an enemy unit into thinking he is in the Blademaster's clan.
--Mental Prowess--
The Blademaster is able to use his knowledge of battle to stop all enemies from casting spells in an area.
The Blademaster's years of expirience have given him the ability to find a weakness in any armor. His attacks deal damage over time and slow down the target for 5 seconds.
-[Ultimate: Call for Help]-
The Blademaster calls upon his personal caretaker and bodyguard, Ikarus Demari, to join in the fight. Ikarus will stun and damage nearby enemies when he is called.

Name: Gatsu Muranomo
Hero Title: General of the Shogun
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage and Buffing
Strength: 24 + 3.1
Agility: 11 + 1.5
Intelligence: 15 + 1.5
The General yells out a cry of inspiration, increasing nearby friendly units' damage.
The General's steed steps and stomps on nearby enemies, dealing periodic damage to them.
--Fighting Spirit--
The General infuses nearby allies to fight masterfully, giving the ability to counter melee attacks upon them, dealing damage back to the attacker.
-[Ultimate: The General's Command]-
The General gives the charge command, calling hordes of calvary to charge head on into the enemy.

Name: Ehonda Tzusuke
Hero Title: Giant Pikeman
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Tanking
Strength: 28 + 4
Agility: 10 + 1
Intelligence: 11 + 1
--Brute Force--
The Giant Pikeman's strength is unmatched and this ability makes sure of that. Each level adds 4 to his Strength.
--War Stomp--
The Giant Pikeman slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units.
--Cleaving Attack--
The Giant Pikeman strikes with such force that he damages multiple enemies with his attack.
-[Ultimate: Fortitude]-
The Giant Pikeman's armor is very think and heavy, reducing damage done to him. Attacks cannot be reduced below 3.

Name: Yami Yarosaku
Hero Title: Water Taoist
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Jobs: Healing and Disabling
Strength: 13 + 2
Agility: 14 + 1
Intelligence: 21 + 3
--Healing Wave--
The Water Taoist calls forth the lifeforce in water and creates wave of energy that heals a target and bounces to nearby friendlies. Each bounce heals less damage.
--Ice Nova--
The Water Taoist blasts enemy units around a target enemy unit with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement and attack rate.
--Mana Tide Aura--
The Water Taoist gives additional mana regeneration to nearby friendly units.
-[Ultimate: Tidal Wave]-
The Water Taoist sends a gigantic wave which deals damage to each enemy land unit in a line.

Name: Jubei Nikoro
Hero Title: Flame Swordsman
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Area Damage
Strength: 20 + 2
Agility: 21 + 2
Intelligence: 16 + 2
--Rain of Fire--
The Flame Swordsman calls down waves of fire that damage units in an area. Each wave deals initial damage and then burns enemies for 10 seconds.
The Flame Swordsman has a chance to set nearby enemies ablaze with each attack, dealing damage to them.
Engulfs the Flame Swordsman in fire, causing damage to nearby enemy land units.
-[Ultimate: Firestorm]-
Causes a firestorm of destructive force around the Flame Swordsman that deals damage to nearby enemy units.

Name: Akina Maeda
Hero Title: Thief
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Hero Killing and Disabling
Strength: 18 + 2
Agility: 23 + 2
Intelligence: 16 + 2
The Thief quickly knocks the weapon out of the enemies' hands in a very small area, disabling thier normal attacks.
--Kidney Shot--
The Thief punches the target in the kidney, greatly reducing thier damage, and attack and movement speeds.
The Thief becomes invisible. When she attacks while stealthed the damage will be increased greatly.
-[Ultimate: Agile]-
The Thief becomes more and more agile, which increases her attack damage, attack speed, and slightly boosts her defense. Each level adds 5 to her Agility.

Name: Yukinada Sumoro
Hero Title: Naginata
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Tanking
Strength: 25 + 3.2
Agility: 14 + 2
Intelligence: 10 + 1
The Naginata taunts nearby enemies into attacking him.
--Enchanted Armor--
The Naginata wears enchanted plates of armor, reducing the duration of spells cast on him and immunity to some spells.
The Naginata readies himself for battle, increasing his health, damage, armor, and granting him immunity to magic for a short period of time. When Massive wears off, the Naginata retains his current hp, effectively working as a delayed heal.
-[Ultimate: Physical Immunity]-
The Naginata increases his armor rating to god-like proportions for a short period of time, rendering him nearly immune to normal attacks.

Name: Oda Azai
Hero Title: Samurai Warrior
Primary Attribute: Strength
Primary Jobs: Jack of all Trades
Strength: 16 + 3
Agility: 16 + 1.5
Intelligence: 16 + 1.3
--Daisho Toss--
The Samurai Warrior hurls a flurry of knives, damaging nearby enemies.
The Samurai Warrior has chance to avoid attacks and a 10% chance to deal additional damage.
Practacing in the art of defense, the Samurai Warrior has learned how to reduce the damage he takes by naturally increasing his armor.
-[Ultimate: Body, Heart, And Mind]-
The Samurai Warrior splits into the 3 essences of any warrior the Body, the Heart, and the Mind. Each essence has an aura that embodies nearby allies.

Name: Mara Kimiko
Hero Title: Bounty Hunter
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Direct Damage and Disabling
Strength: 15 + 2
Agility: 20 + 1.5
Intelligence: 17 + 2.5
--Knock Out--
The Bounty Hunter puts a target enemy unit to sleep. A sleeping unit can be awoken by attacking it.
--Double Shot--
The Bounty Hunter has a chance to attack with both her pistols, dealing double damage.
--Gun Slinging--
The Bounty Hunter opens fire in a general area, stunning enemy units for 1 second and damaging nearby enemy units.
-[Ultimate: Disable]-
The Bounty Hunter disables all heros from casting spells by draining all thier mana.

Name: Zeto Maramu
Hero Title: Kabuki Warrior
Primary Attribute: Agility
Primary Jobs: Creating Confusion and Area Damage
Strength: 18 + 1.9
Agility: 20 + 2
Intelligence: 15 + 2
The Kabuki Warrior throws his glaive as hard as he can, causing it to ricochet off targets.
The Kabuki Warrior jumps extremely high and is able to teleport himself in and out of combat.
--Bouncing Attack--
The Kabuki Warrior's weapon bounces to nearby enemy units.
-[Ultimate: Distraction]-
The Kabuki Warrior distracts nearby enemies causing them to attack for less damage.

(>'.')> Credits <('.'<)

Team Lead: GeneralGatsu
Terrain: Blizzard Entertainment
Map Geography/Pathing: GeneralGatsu, Ubermenche, Calik
Triggers: GeneralGatsu, DarthExceus, QueenoftheGnome, Rui
Unit Models: Black_Stan
Building Models: Blizzard Entertainment
Hero/Unit Attributes: DarthExceus, Evil-Squirrels
Hero Abilities: GeneralGatsu, DarthExceus, Evil-Squirrels, Blizzard Entertainment
Minimap Picture: DarthExceus, Jesseh
Tooltips: GeneralGatsu, JubeiNikoro, CpnFalcon, KangaKidd
LAN Testing: GeneralGatsu, DarthExceus, QueenoftheGnome, CpnFalcon, KangaKidd, Evil-Squirrels, Ubermenche, Calik, Jesseh, JubeiNikoro, Mathelgor, ILovePwnies, Nazgrom
All this Info Above: GeneralGatsu

Special Thanks:
Blizzard Entertainment
Santa Clause
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Mom & Dad
The A/C Repairman
John Watts
Spongebob Squarepants
Battle.net Technical Support Team
World of Warcraft Technical Support Team
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Level 1
May 20, 2006
I don't see how non-triggered spells are an issue. If he has managed to avoid using triggers (and I'm impressed) then all for him. Good map by the way although I think you level a little too fast (then again I played as a single player, I guess split 5 ways exp would be different).
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