Jungle Troll ShadowPriest

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A berserker troll with face and cloths of ForestTroll ShadowPriest.

Works perfectly with:
dark / forest / ice Troll
dark / forest / ice Troll Trapper
dark / forest / ice Troll Shadowspriest
Beserk Headhunter

I got tired of seeing all the models of trolls with the same face so I created different skins so that you could make a whole army of different trolls

If you have any problem or want something different, just tell me in the comments

Jungle Troll ShadowPriest (Texture)

Level 10
Oct 11, 2019
Man, I love it! But should not have jungle trolls trousers(yea, I know that berserkers and shadowhunters have no, but seriously, I think it would look better
Level 5
May 7, 2017
In fact, the shadow priest does not wear pants either, the only one who uses them is the trapper. And although I tried to put pants on some skins, it was very difficult for me to make it look good, so I gave up.

but well I'll keep it in mind for the future