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[Trigger] Item Equipment Limit...?

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Level 19
Jul 12, 2010
First of all...i don't even know how to name this system so im sry for the bad name *_*

Im trying to make a system that will allow you to carry only 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 shield etc...
if you have a weapon equiped and try to get another one it will simply drop the manipulating item...
i already finished the system but i would like to get some help from more experienced GUIers and find out if there is an easier way to do this system or if there is a way to improve it or even a way to make it using less actions...
or even better if there is already a system like this i would prefer it...(i searched the spell section on THW and couldn't find one)

thnx in advance!! :thumbs_up:


  • Item Drop System.w3x
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