Island Settlers 2.0


Island Settlers 2.0 (Map)

Level 2
Apr 22, 2006
hey Anteep, i just want to say that this map is realy very good ! 5/5 sure.. But, if u r still mapping, could u add air planes, and maybe more Tanks? Thanx.
(and is there any way to create more than 600 buildings on map? )
Level 5
Jul 21, 2005
Awesome Map, lots of time playing it. Just a couple suggestions for Anteep for his next versions.
Like Z3 said, add tanks, try compressing it so it doesnt increase the map size greatly 8)
Have Money Regenerate/Respawn!
The ship at the end is HUGE, and awesome. But coasts like 100,000 dollars! It's like spending all your money throughout the game x3!
Extremely annouying.
Make gold spawn, not be placed already, its a huge disadvatage for newer people, cause the people who have already played knows where everything is!
Corn thing coasts alot, suggestion make a max like 20 (per person), the game has crashed sometimes for those who built like 50 corn per person... :twisted:
Other than those things Anteep, awesome map.
Game 4.5/5
Story 3/5 (Not a real story behind it all, but it doesnt matter for this game) :)
Terrain 3.5/5 (Could be a little better)
Skins 4.5/5
Overall 4.25/5.