Installing CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM)

Here's a small tutorial on installing CCSM.
NOTE: This only works on Ubuntu Linux.

CCSM Wiki said:
CCSM, short for CompizConfig Settings Manager, is a configuration tool for Compiz Fusion

CCSM lets us to some pretty awesome things in Linux, such as the Desktop Cube, Expo, Window Previews, or different animations for opening and closing windows (among other things).

Before I show you how to install it, I'm going to warn you: A lot of these features can drain the CPU and GPU, so make sure you either lessen the settings (not as cool effects, but doesn't kill the computer), or make sure you have a decent computer.
Of course, there is always the option not to use these features, but that's no fun. :p

Now, to install it, follow these instructions:
  1. Go to the System menu on the toolbar
  2. Go to the Administration Tab.
  3. Click on Synaptic Package Manager.
  4. The Package Manager will now prompt you for your password. Enter it so the manager can load.
  5. As soon as it loads, go to the Quick Search box, and enter "compizconfig".
  6. Look for the package called "compizconfig-settings-manager" (without quotes). Mark this for installation.
  7. Now follow any dialogs that pop up, and then hit the "Apply" button.

Compiz should now install properly.
After it's installed (it may tell you to restart the computer), you can access it by going to "System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager".

That's basically all there is to it.
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Jun 13, 2007
or you enter a terminal and type "Sudo apt-get install ccsm" or whatever the name is for that package.

Also you should tell them this is for Ubuntu