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[Major Update]
* Remade head, added some more detail here and there.

Here's one ugly beast. The face was somewhat of a joke, but I decided to go with it. The wrap is really bad, so there's a few glitches; they won't really show up in-game, though.

I'm doing a full race of nether beasts that I've called Iniquit, after iniquitous. They take control of beasts that roam the surface world through a virus that alters their DNA and enslaves them.

This is the Pestilant. Feedback highly appreciated!

I appreciate being credited for my work, so if you use this resource, please do.
You may modify this resource in any way you see fit, and use it for custom models, but I would appreciate if you link back to this resource or mention my name if you upload the custom model anywhere.


hydralisk, beast, ranged, pestilant, bloody, ugly, iniquit, alien, demon, underworld, nether, shiiK

Iniquit - The Pestilant (Texture)

08:50, 23rd Oct 2011 67chrome: The blade-things on the back look a little plain, and the wrap work on the face looks like it could use a little tinkering here and there, but overall this is pretty creative and turned out pretty good.
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