In need of a hero-class model

Level 11
Jan 23, 2009
If you're reading this, and are good with making custom models, or at least using other models and editing them, then please help me with this.

What I require:
As noted, I need a single hero model, with hero-glow aura if possible, for a map I'm working on. Unfortunately, all I have to go on are several concept-art pieces that I drew earlier on. If you could go by those sketches, please tell me, or I'll get to work on something else to help.

(Had to use imageshack, and my scanner is offline, so I used Photo Booth :p)

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: photo121f.jpg
(It's the one with the skull-like mask, ignore the troll and the terribly drawn ogre..)

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: photo120.jpg
(Here, it's again the big fellow with the skull mask.)