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I need some criticism for this model i worked hard on already.

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Level 7
Oct 23, 2007
I do not mind if its an insault or bad or good criticism but I just need it so I can improve my model editing skills.

Credits To Shadow1500 for his helmet


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Well, I just see that you added the campaign screen helmet and the low poly frostmourne. The helmet is not made by you and it's a arrogance that you say that you made it. It's a shame.
The edits are too basic to be rated. You just changed the shoulder pads of Keal a bit (Just too basic) and add a helm, which is sitting really wrong on the head. Only geoset merging and saying it's a good model is just painful.
But just change up mapping, textures animation, add goodies and effects and your done.
And by the way, don't claim other peoples work.

Or better, don't even use their work in the first place.

I don't think it honestly matches. A silver helmet and sword don't match with red armor. The colors looks silly. Try using Geoset anims to change colors. (I believe you can do that with units, but I know you can do it with SFX. Correct me if wrong.)
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