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I Need Help With Model Inports

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:witch_doc_sad: OK this is it.when i have downloaded the models the computre automaticly Opens them with Winzip.And i dont think i do the right thing there.

When opned i take all the files and extract them.But where should i extract them? And should i do something more? Because the World Editor Cannot Load The Files When i Try To use Them.The unit turns into a green box and it says: Could Not Load File ( The Name Of The File ) .
Please Help me with this. :infl_thumbs_up:
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Mar 30, 2007
Alright, im gonna do an example here.

For this example im gonna use illidains lovly MLRS model.


Notice how under texture's, one texture is red.


We will need that for later.

So download the model, there should be 2 files, an MDX file and a BLP file, export them where ever you want, it doesnt matter.

Now open World editor.

Go to import manager.

Right click and press Import files, now find your files and import BOTH the MDX and the BLP.

Now, right click on the BLP file. (It should say next to it Image/Texture)

CLick on modify file properties.

Erase the War3imporated/ thing

And give it this name.



SAVE world editor. And exit it. Do not give the model to any unit YET.

Now re-open world editor, give a unit the model.


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Don't make double threads.

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