I need a Modeler - Rise of the Vampires

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I need a Modeler for this Models:
Infeston:I need Illidan with two extra arms and removed blades.He must have a portrait,Glow(but not there where the blades were).

Unamed tauren Flyer:A Tauren Hero that flys on a dragon that has four wings.And the Tauren Hero must have Illidans horns.With portrait and Glow.It must the same Tauren as the normal Tauren.Not the Taurenchieftain.

Random Dragon Hero:
A Blademaster with the head and the body from an red Dragon.(He must have wings too)
No it flys not,it has a sword and it's looking like a red Dragon\Human.

But the Model I most need is Infeston.He must have once two arms more that are looking like the other two Illidan arms,no blades.Must have a portrait and Glow.Is this a problem for a good Modeler?

I have seen the other Models on this page.
Then must this be easy for a good Modeler,or not?
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