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HUGE Model request for Warhammer Map

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Dec 9, 2004
I would br truly grateful if anyone could make models of Warhammer characters, since Im gonna make a multiplayer melee map of that.

The models I'm requesting are those, beware I do not ask to make ALL of 'em to a single person just one or a bit more if you got the time...

1) Commander Bernard - Take Lord Garithos, give him a sword instead of an axe and make his helm a normal helm instead of a winged one.

2) Dwarven Wolf Raiders - Just take Thrall, give him a axe instaed of the hammer, make his skin human-like and change his face to the one of a dwarf (no helm needed) with white mustache and beard.

3) Mardagg - This is a lot difficult, there was a model that I saw that was the perfect idea, however it sucked to many people so... -_-
Basically it has to be like the classical death (skeleton with black mantle+scythe) with large black angel-bat wings, that's all.

4) Felix - Basically it should look like a bard. He must a be a normal man with light clothes and a mantle with NO hood. He should have blonde hair and should wield a SHORT sword. (not a dagger)

5) Ancient Slann - Er... a Frog-Man lets say... with a mantle and the look of a sage.

6) Scavengers - The classical bastards horned rats of warhammer with violet clothes. I would need many type of those... the ones who use deadly-gas, the spellcasters, the ones with kris knives and so on...

7) The beast of uhhh I dont remember the name (-_-) - It should be a giant slug that transmits plague, so a very vicious creature.

Well... thats all I can come up with for now... if any of you ever played some version of warhammer and can suggest a cool character that I dindt say please post it. :)
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