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[Trigger] How to make a simple trigger set variable with chat command?

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Level 3
Feb 16, 2007
So, in some games or spell test maps / escape maps for example, you can set ice slide speed for example, so how to create the trigger to do that? I have opened some maps to find out but still I dont understand the Player chat event, substring event correctly, so could someone even explain how the substring works, or make a simple understandable trigger that sets a variable to a certain amount you can choose with a chat command.
Level 8
May 21, 2008
Substrings work like this

-Event Player 1 Red (enters a message?)
-Condition ---------------
-Action If Conditions are true then do actions else do else actions
Condition- Entered Chat Substring 4,8 = nts are
Then -------------------
Else ---------------------

In this if player 1 red typed grunts are dumb
----nts are -----
Get it? Letters 4-8

So for you you would do
entered chat substing 1,18 -set ice speed to 9
or something like that
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