HotS Cho'gall Coop system and Abathur Symbiote system

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type -go as player red and you can start testing

I reproduced Chogall & Abathur's unique gameplay style from HotS

Chogall is a single hero controlled by 2 players, Cho can move and use spells of his own while Gall just has to use his long ranged spells independently of Cho, killing Chogall counts as 2 kills (they've got the same health)

Abathur can use Symbiote on the chosen allied unit which makes him unable to do anything except use assist the target by shooting spikes from it and shielding it

As a bonus theres the rest of their spells from HotS but most of em are unfinished

There's still alot of spells to code along with missing HotS sounds/animations/models and SFX on cast/hit/buff to be added

Credits: chogall model found in hive, wc2 chogall icon & hots icons & abathur model from blizzard

Cho Gath Abathur hero (Map)