High Elf Lieutenant

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
A High Elf skin for the Blood Elf Lieutenant.
Just recoloured the original skin, but it can be useful

Update(2017.09.15.): Fixed team colour

Update(2017.09.26.): Changed textures and added crest, so this is not just recolor now

High Elf Lieutenant (Texture)

Do you plan on updating this? It needs better highlights and shading for it to be approved. You may also want to consider adding more details to it.

Deleted member 237964


Deleted member 237964

I like this recolor a lot,it will probably will be removed because it's a simple edit.
Level 2
Jan 6, 2017
I'm rarelly commenting, but I have tone of downloads from The Hive. Just had a wish to say, I like that recolor over it, I want to say why Hive can't have simple editions in free rotation in the same way with textures? May be it will need a new category like "recolor" in "Resourses" directory. But why not? huh
Level 11
Oct 20, 2016
i think you should add more stuff about the skin.
-the sword should be glowing or something which really fits your style
-remove the helmet, add brown beard and brown hair or something which really fits your style
-change his armor to peasant cloth or something which really fits your style