Level 2
Oct 9, 2011

Just followed introduction link on account so decided to make intro thing.

I have been working on a map for quite a while now however the more I work on it the further it seems from completion and I realised the other day I just can't do it all alone. Also I suck at programming so have rather clumsy script for map. Despite this the map I am develping is very competetive, addictive and involving for 10 players. Only problem is that I need help creating it because it is just too big to do alone. I have worked the one factions storyline to a point and it seems to be working beautifully but there is the opposing factions side that needs to be worked though i have got it planned out it will take time to implement. Also I need help withh making certain npc units cast certain abilities. For example the one side will encounter warlocks at one stage which is a chalenging encounter however the warlocks for some reason spam firebolt and curse but almost never cast cripple which I want them too use throughout the encounter to give the healers a difficult job to do by aboloshing or dispelling it. And the shaman waste all their mana on enrage and only if a mage spellsteals it do they cast lightning shield.

If anyone is able to help in anyway please let me know :)
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
Welcome to the Hive Wizardfire. I'm not that good at mapping myself - I'm pretty good at terraining though, so if you are in need of a better terrain, I would be glad to help :b

If you got any other questions about the Hive, just ask and you shall be answered ;)