Hey guys!

Level 1
Feb 26, 2016
My name is Lin and im a big gamer. I play alot of fps games. Im also good at planning ingame and in real life. Im always thinking about making my own game but I decided to make maps and custom campaigns in warcraft 3 instead. I was working on a good plot since then. ive finished the story and I also have an idea on the gameplay mechanics. but i dont think i can make all the maps and cutscenes. im not really good at making maps. i sometimes just edit the maps that come in with the game. And then i came across this site. Im looking for anyone who can help me on my project(blacklight). The story is pretty good and epic but its also very demanding for my first campaign. The maps in my campaign are also the first maps that im making. Im always busy with other stuff so i cant focus all of my attention to my project because again im a big gamer and im also planning on making my own youtube channel. I would appreciate it if anyone would want to help me finish my project. If you want to help me, email me at [email protected] and ill tell you my ideas and ill also help you out on your projects. I also want to do more community activities because ive been playing alot of singleplayer games for the past year.

Thank you in advance! and have a good day. Peace!

Also please dont spam my email.