Heroic Tile Escape v5.1

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Heroic Tile Escape

Genre: Escape + Logics + Hero

This is a brand new escape featuring a whole new game play content. This map mixes a logical puzzle with the escape and hero genre to form 'Heroic Tile Escape'.

There are multiple tiles inside the game. The idea is that you should touch each tile once, no more and no less. If you've touched all tiles, you can clear the level. If you haven't, you'll lose. You have 10 lives though.

There are 4 different heroes in this map, to improve the game play:
Ninja, Runner, Supporter and Archer
Each of them have their own unique skills. Archer for example can jump into the air and shoot arrows to the floor in order to stay in the air for a few seconds to dodge enemy units. I bet no other escape has that skill.

You can play this with as much players as you want (up to 10), but I recommend 3+.
Find the perfect balance among the heroes and it becomes easier. A supporter with an archer is better as 2 archers for example.

This game has 4 difficulties:
- easy
- medium
- hard
- insane

Additionally I recommend you to turn the 'music' on (in-game cntrl+M) for some music fitting where you are, so scary music at the boss for example.

The game has been tested and should be bugless. In fact, this should be the final version.

This is the final version.

frozenwind & 13e13ie - Clan CBS @ Northrend





The Boss

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Heroic Tile Escape v5.1 (Map)

20:24, 14th Jan 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 8
Dec 8, 2007
just tested on single payer with supporter.
The game is great.

Solving levels was interesting. most of them seemed easy for me, used shove path to make shore though. Also good point is that abilities allowed me solve levels with different paths.
If there really was 100 tiles in boss stage then I stepped on 98:grin: (but difficulty was easy:con:)

Gameplay is nothing like escape maps I think. some more tricky puzzles could be possible if you combine one step path tiles with ordinary a little more. maybe add some old escape content in some level like gates and key.

I bet it is going to be even more fun on battlenet.
Level 2
Jan 2, 2010
I'm glad you like it :smile:

Easy is pretty easy though xD, and the logics ain't hard if you are a supporter, no :xxd:
The other heroes might be even more fun, since supporter is... ye, supporter :hohum:

With step-once-tiles keys/gates are impossible/pointless, since you have to step all tiles anyway.

Anyway, I'm working on a part 2 with these 4 heroes plus 4 more heroes with a lot of fancy skills. Also part 2 will contain step-twice tiles and mini bosses.