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Hero Line Wars: Redemption. Need help.

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Level 2
Jun 30, 2011
The map is under construction right now, I'm mainly looking for someone who can do the triggers, I mean, I can easily go on youtube and do it myself, but I'm detailing the map very well right now. I got everything mapped out and ideas on how I want things done.

Let me edit this to make it more clear. I need to do the following things;
1) Finish the map.
2) Balance the creeps and heros out.
3) Make a total of 18 heros (6agi,6str,6int) just for the BETA release.
4) Make paths for the summoned creeps.
5) Make the EQ and potions.
6) Design a battle system, most comparable to Hero Wars. It pulls the heroes out of the game onto another section of the map, and freezes the rest of the game (This can be done using one huge region). Chooses two heroes to battle it out in the new area, winner receives lumber.
7) Making 5 types of creeps that people can summon from, each having 3 tiers full of creeps. Humans, Orcs, Undead, Elf, Mystique. For the BETA release there will only be one selection and that will be the Humans.
8) Each player can choose which type of tower they will have. Whether they want, destructive, replenish, or fusion tower, is up to them.
9) A LOT more ideas incoming, still need to make a leaderboard and income

Basically who ever helps with the triggers, the Map will mainly be yours. I just am here for the idea of it. I am NOT a selfish person and you WILL get credit, that is a promise. There is also a section in the map where we will place the creator names, and the version of the map (bottom of the map).
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