Hero Deathmatch v0.4

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Hero Survival Roundvillage v0.3

As the map starts, you have to choose a Hero, therefor you can look up the Questlog, to see which message you have to type to get your preferd Hero.
Then all of you will start in the middle of the map in an area, where all of the players are immortal, so you don't need to concentrate on staying alive as the game starts.
Then you will be able to walk over the whole map to creep or bash your enemys.
The maximum level now is level 20, so it will be more fun.
For every enemyhero you kill, you will earn 250 Gold.
Right now there are not that much Shops and Items, but i will take care of that and add alot custom items and Heroes later.

h1=Paladin, h2=Archmage, h3=Mountainking, h4=Bloodmage
o1=Blademaster, o2=TaurenChieftain, o3=Farseer, o4=Voodopriest
u1=Deathknight, u2=Dreadlord, u3=Lich, u4=Cryptlord
n1=Demonhunter, n2=KeeperoftheGrove, n3=Moonpriest, n4=Warden

-New Song: Session from Linkin Park
-The 16 Normal melle Heroes
-all normal skills have 6 levels now
-all ultis 2 levels
-custom loading screen

Update v0.4
-more custom Items
-bugfix of some spells
-custom loading screen
-12 Players now
-Goldmine remove
-some Terrain changes

Update v0.3
-changed the Minimapicon
-added 2 Player
-all normal skills have 6 levels now
-all ultis 2 levels
-New Song: Session from Linkin Park

Update v0.2
-changed the music
-added a custom Minimap
-reduced the filesize alot :)
-added some new items

Pls Pm me if you have suggestions or found any Bugs.

Yours VampireofBlood

melle, normal, rpg, first, person, second, Hero, survival, blizzard

Hero Deathmatch v0.4 (Map)

19:29, 3rd Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Well i checked the map and i must say that,there is nothing original in it or anything.You just used a regular melee map and created some commands for hero selection and maybe just increased the ability level caps.But i think u should add a command to stop the music,cuz i hate such musics.You need to add new features etc.