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Help Needed Terrain skills required

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Jun 9, 2009
Hello im ch_newgin, Im currently working on a rmk for Team Fortress 2, its a very funny teamplay game. I got almost the half of Abilities and Classes which are spy, pyro, heavy, medic, demoman, soldier, engineer, scout, sniper. But there are also many parts left, for example the terrain. I want to design my maps very common to the game's roots, though I think it is a good idea to "copy" the maps of TF2 in several maps of WC3TFT. But to do this quite good, it would long time on my own. So please everybody, who likes this game like I do and has fun in creating maps, call me!

Bellow in attachment - loading screen picture(not completed)

Thank you for your time
Hoping hearing from you ;)



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    tf2 Kopie.jpg
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Level 13
Feb 8, 2009
that big gunner dude i got a model for him if you would like idk if its a rip or not thought sinces it looks vary similar
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