Help! My model got a problem!

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Nov 11, 2005
Greetings to all 'Hive Workshop' members, I got a problem with a model I made...

I have created a model for a request I have taken and when I test it out on a map, the model does not appear in game... only a shadow appear where the model should be...
Initially I thought the problem would be a 'Texture Path Name' error, so I checked it and found no error in its path name...
Then I thought the problem would be the texture itself, so I replaced all the textures to one identical texture... And the problem remain the same...
Finally I concluded the problem 'might' be the model itself, but how do I locate/detect the problem on the model and solve it...

PLEASE let me know how to fix it... If there's no solution to this I might have to remake the model from SCRATCH and that will take more TIME...

POST UPDATED (23 OCT 2011) : The model in question is available below including the custom skin.
POST UPDATED (26 OCT 2011) : Re-update the model in question.
POST UPDATED (03 NOV 2011) : Problem solved! Removed model in question.
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Jan 21, 2010
What animation that your model use?

If it's only blizzard's one, then you can reimport all the geosets to the new bones

If this still does not work, then try opening the model in mdlvis and press (n), check all the normals, i suppose there must be some mistake

If still no changes, then send me the model
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Dec 8, 2008
I think I know the solution for your problem.

Try to create an interly new texture with transparent layer and copy and paste your texture on it. (Ofc you need to make the things transparent that need to be etc.)

Than it should be working. I had the problem by myself sometimes, when the shoulderpads, which had a custom texture, just weren't able to appear ingame, but everywhere else. So I created a new texture and made the things I've explained above and it worked. You should try it out.

If it still doesn't work, than I can't help you either.