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Help me with skinning please.

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Level 11
Jan 17, 2009
Well, I edited Jaina's skin but the outcome is really weird.

Jaina goes all red with some parts missing.

Help me please.+rep if you solved my prob

Btw here's the skin :


  • Female Warlock.blp
    73.4 KB · Views: 59
  • Female Warlock.TGA
    204.3 KB · Views: 64
Level 9
Dec 4, 2007
Looking in to it....brb

EDIT: you mean the boots and hands? you have alphaed them out. thats why they are missing. just paint there and they will appear again. because you have deleted all painting there (on boots and hands) thats why they dissapear and sorry I dont know why the skin is red.

if you didnt get it, you just need to like paint a shoe/feet at her shoes to make it re appear because if u look at the place where her shoes/feets should be there is none and same with the hands/gloves.
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