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[Spell] Help importing a spell

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Level 3
Aug 9, 2011


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Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
File -> Preferences and tick field 'Automaticaly creat unknown variables when pasting trigger data'.
Now just copy + paste your trigger into map. Make sure that you have all the systems (requirements) given spell needs to work properly.

If you realy want to have instruction..
After doing stuff with preferences menu, enter map where is spell which you wish to import. Find that spell and right click on that trigger (on 'white page' icon found to the left of Trigger Editor, it's white plain area where all existing triggers are listed). Click 'copy'.
Now close that map, and open yours. Go to Trigger Editor and again, hold your mouse on plain field to the left and click 'paste'. Done.
Just to ensure: DO EXACT the same thing for pasting requirements (kinda of systems ect.) and better if you do that before actually importing target spell into your map.
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