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Hello Hive community!

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Aug 11, 2008
Hello everyone,

I'm Link2407, nice to meet any and all of you who care to look at the Introductions forum.

I used to play Warcraft 3 a lot back in the day, almost always custom games, and I still manage to find my way back to it every few months or so for short bursts of playing a lot. Mostly I play RPGs which I find most entertaining, but I don't limit myself to them. I first found hive a couple years ago, made an account, but never posted anything or used any of the resources other than searching for maps made by others.

I, and two of my close friends who also play Warcraft 3, and even still do sometimes when we are all on vacation from college and play together like old times have always talked about making maps, more than once even started to create a map before promptly quitting (lasting maybe ~2-4 hours).

Anyway, in one of the more recent revisits to Warcraft 3, my friend and I came up with what we thought would be a great concept for an RPG. However, we never pursued actually going about creating it ourselves, just wishing someone else would create such a map. Being home from college for Winter break with plenty of free time on my hands, I naturally gravitated towards playing Warcraft in my free time. This time around, my other friend and I decided we should actually make the map.

I have some experience with computer programming; I am familiar with both Python and Matlab. I have been working rather intensely on this project, with a little help from my friend (although all the triggering is up to me), and have started utilizing the hive's resources more. I am sticking to GUI for the time being; JASS certainly seems much more preferred by the community and looks somewhat similar to the languages I've used, so maybe I can be enticed to switch, although GUI is very easy to use and understand for the most part. If I were to switch to JASS it would be nice to have someone experienced to help guide me along/be available to ask questions. Searching through the forums here both in general to increase my knowledge and to solve specific problems has been very useful, and since it seems likely if I can't find any answers I will be actually posting things myself soon, I figured I might as well finally introduce myself to the hive community!

So hello everyone!

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